Teacher with kid at drop-in childcare center serving Washington and Texas
Shapes at drop-in childcare center serving Washington and Texas

Gym Partners

Boutique And Medium-Sized Gym Partners Offer Convenient And Affordable Playcare To Your Members At Zero Cost

Find A Play Partner Gym

Offer parents a daily 10% discount for a 2-hour time block while working out.

Childcare Makes You Accessible To Parents

One of the top three barriers to going to the gym is family obligations. Offer your clients affordable, reliable childcare, so they can have a fulfilling workout with peace of mind.

Get The Edge Over Big Box Competitors

It’s tough to compete with big box gyms with space and funds to dedicate to childcare. That’s why we work with boutique and medium-sized gyms to give you the edge you need to stand out and illustrate your commitment to top-notch, personalized service.

Parents Can Customize Their Child’s Experience

Offer parents drop-in and hourly childcare, camps, preschool, after school care, or virtual school assistance. Make their day easier with epic playgrounds and cool classes for their kids.

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